Whatever for..

This is a small-time slow blog for friends both existing and potential from Jenny Darnley, displaced Londoner whose now lived in Oxford for 17 years. I’ve variously been a nurse, an international medical recruiter, an MP’s press officer, a political activist, a co-founder of a small business, a university adminstrator in both a science department and for 6 years for a journalist fellowship. Now I work in a department studying the effects of the Internet where I’m the assistant to the Director and the press officer.

I’ve spent a fair amount of time at kitchen tables, both my own and other people’s, talking, laughing, consoling, questioning, packing envelopes, polemicising, raving, and generally carrying on. I write about things that catch my interest and stir a thought which I share with anyone who wants to sit at the virtual kitchen table to which they are more than welcome – especially if they bring a decent bottle of wine with them. The table is made from the back door of a house in Lewisham where I lived for 15 years before landing up here – from Catford to Oxford perhaps.

I’m a political animal, worked in politics, have a degree in politics and am occasionally given to polemic. But I am also fascinated by journalism and the relationship of politics and media. If any former Reuters Oxford fellows want to comment or contribute that’s great. If anyone wants to join in, please do.

..and I do enjoy gossip. Which is what people do at kitchen tables. And drink. And eat. And laugh. And so on…