Return from the far side

On the wall of one of the offices where I work there is a map of social networks and on that there is a far-off shoreline which is labelled “the land of defunct social networks”. I’m only surprised there isn’t a tiny off-shore island marked with the name of my own oeuvre. However, I’ve decided that the little blog will set sail again across the cyberseas and hope to make landfall – perhaps on a tropical coast where things take just a little while to happen.
It’s a bit depressing to come back considering that the bankers and financiers are all carrying on just as they were before global financial breakdown, that proper PR seems even further away than before the Lib Dems went into coalition and that large numbers of people who want little more than to do their job, look after their families and get on with life, will find themselves unemployed and in competition with huge numbers of debt ridden university graduates for what jobs there are.
Hey Ho.

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